Besides there are three thousand five hundred species of mosquito! They’ve been around for a hundred million years. You think you can just yank them out of existence? I mean you do realize that half the birds in the arctic tundra will starve to death, I mean you have actually thought of that? Or are you just fucking idiots?

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"Bad news: he’s killing people."

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"There’s no need to be frightened of me, Michael. I’m here to help you."

GUEST STAR MEME; Romola Garai in Utopia.

Assigned as Dugdale’s new monitor, it is Eris’ job to second guess his every move, both to prevent a repeat of last time and to help him achieve his true potential. Her encouragement gives way to kindness bleeds into cruelty: Dugdale is her mission, her master and her victim.

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is there any word on the series two soundtrack being released at all?


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I would love to do the Utopia meme and make more graphics for the show, but I can't seem to find screencaps anywhere. Making my own isn't really an option with downloading the episodes. Do you know of a good place that has any?

no, sorry. grandecaps used to have them but they’re doing something with their site and now everything is gone ):

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Utopia Meme:  [1/1] Season - Season One  

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Utopia: Season 2, Episode 1

Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. So if you have some sort of answer, I’d like to hear it.

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Utopia: one gifset per episode  1x05

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I’ve done so many terrible things, but what we are doing is right

Utopia, Series 1 Episode 5

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01. everyone has got the fear.
02. the city breathing, the people churning.
03. a thousand human lives.
04. we’ll drink to our annihilation.
05. your lives could have been unaffected.
06. if you’re not with us you’re against.
07. you will risk all their lives and their souls.
08. i can end the planet in a holocaust.
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"We’re trying to save the species. If it costs a few million individuals, isn’t that okay?"

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