Do you think the government watched utopia then cause the embola breakout?


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chipmunksallshipklefan asked: Utopia or The Vampire Diaries
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I’m ashamed of what I’ve done, and I’m scared of you.

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(I just remembered why I never use fanmail!) If Carvel modified Janus in a way that mixed race people were immune to it then that might appeal to someone who has expressed an interest in genetic engineering. Only genetically diverse people would survive and as a holocaust survivor he would be giving the finger to Nazi racial ideology by creating a world where no-one was racially "pure". If Jessica is able to have Ian's child then that would also be an interesting development for Janus.

that would be hella but we’ll just have to wait and see

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Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. 

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The amount of grief I get when I say that this show is better imo than Breaking Bad.

oh man breaking bad is my favourite show of all time but hell yeah who said utopia couldn’t be on it’s way to surpassing it?

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scavengedluxury: Yes, as I was watching the scene I felt there was something very deliberate and symbolic about the egg breakfast, but that also how I felt in s02e03 when she escaped through a surgical waste disposal chute

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you can't assume anything you haven't been told, it's a Major thing in the show. they knew she contained Janus, and also, Milner refused the operations till very late on. maybe she is fertile.

yep that’s just it about this show. it’s difficult for me to answer questions like that now we’re in this stage of the season.

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I absolutely LOVED the first season of Utopia and while I'm still invested in the characters and story I think the second season is just so messy. There's just way too much going on, the characters are really off and the cinematography seems like somebody tried to copy it from the first season but failed. The first episode set in the past was the best so far. I'm still really excited to find out how the story and everything pens out though. Thoughts?

I disagree with you.

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Does Jessica know for sure that she's infertile or is she assuming she is because she knows she got the vaccine? This is in response to that ask about Philip trying to save the Romany people btw.

No idea. Ross told her she was infertile while she was still imprisoned by the network, and it’s like that they had already done some invasive tests on her.

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P: We can move on. It’s all over now.
B: Over? What.. that fire? Come on, you think a thing like that stops them? They are starting again, nothing is over…

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"Jessica, I am not with them."
"Michael, don’t worry. If I thought you were with them, you’d be dead."

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